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Co-founded by Faisal Al Rasheed and his family in the early 80s, Al Nasser, the leading Kuwaiti Sports and high street fashion retailer has enjoyed a massive expansion since its start, becoming ultimately one of the most renowned value for money fashion destinations with more than 50 stores across Kuwait and strong presence in KSA, Bahrain, Iraq, Egypt, Pakistan and Australia.

Offering at first a vast selection of Sports Equipment in its showrooms, Al Nasser, built throughout the years a reputation of reliability and customer service. A standing of trust and integrity that resulted in a natural diversification of its offering to include casual menswear, women’s and children’s wear and numerous categories including shoes, bags and accessories.

With its fashion-forward and qualitative trend-savviness, Al Nasser is dedicated to express the style of a whole new generation creating through its planning, buying and innovative marketing a contemporary lifestyle experience for its customers in a dynamic environment where fashion is restless, gathering a palette of forward-thinking and trend-driven fashion retailers that concentrates on delivering street driven style.

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